Beauty - Slim Luxury Handkerchief 100% Cotton
Beauty - Slim Luxury Handkerchief 100% Cotton

Beauty - Slim Luxury Handkerchief 100% Cotton

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Beauty - Slim Luxury Handkerchief

Carry inspiration in your pocket with our most popular 100% cotton luxury sailing inspired handkerchiefs:

With Quotes from Rumi, 1207-1273.

 "On a day when the wind is perfect, the sail just needs to open and the world is full of beauty" - Rumi


Our luxury handkerchiefs are 34x 30 cm made from cotton and make a bold fashion statement for people who enjoy life.


Beautiful artistic handkerchief with a sailing picture.!

SOPHISTICATION & SIMPLICITY: Keep the multi-use mouchoir in your pants pocket for a polished look at every function, from the office to a night time party.

SPECIFICATIONS: Material: 100% Cotton Color: Various Size: 13.5'' x 12''/ 34cm x 30cm

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine Washable, better in cold water with light detergent, lay flat to dry. A tiny shrink after first wash is natural.


A Great Gift for Any Occasion

Perfect gift for gentlemen, grandfathers, dads, brothers or anyone who enjoys a classic handkerchief. So, add them to your cart and start enjoying these lovely handkerchiefs!


A Handkerchief for life:

With a smooth feel, our combed luxury handkerchiefs can be used not just as a gentlemen’s handkerchief but also a pocket square fitting into your front pocket of your suit. Embrace a touch of the debonair with men’s luxury handkerchiefs and pocket squares. Carry inspiration in your pocket with our luxury handkerchiefs, with sailing inspired vista’s and mindful stoic quotes in a range of bold and exciting designs. Use them as pocket squares to create a real fashion statement. Stand out from the crowd by displaying your fun and adventurous side alongside formal outfits.

luxury handkerchiefs

Luxury Handkerchiefs: Inspiration in your pocket

If you think carrying a handkerchief is so passe, think again! Protecting the environment is the new fashion, and by reusing handkerchiefs rather than paper towels you can do your bit. According to the latest report, 1.3 billion trees are cut down to produce tissues. By carrying a luxury handkerchief you protect our world as well you can also save money from constantly buying tissues, and protect your skin using a soft cotton handkerchief.. Hankies are not just for sneezes and tears; they can also be used as as fashion accessories as pocket square to decorate your suit, that make you stand out from the crowd.

Whether you are looking for a handkerchief or a classic pocket square, our carefully crafted durable, absorbent and stylish luxury handkerchiefs are the perfect option for you, and make a perfect gift for those with a zest for life and longing for adventure.


How To Fold a Handkerchief:

To fold a handkerchief: The Two Point Fold

  1. Fold the pocket square in half, then fold again in half lengthwise so that you have a smaller square.
  2. Fold up one half and slide it to to the left or right to create the double points.
  3. Fold the right, left, and bottom corners so they meet at the middle of the square.
  4. Adjust the handkerchief folds as necessary to fill the width of the pocket, then place in your pocket.