Our Story

Is it me?

Or is life less fun these days? The pressures and stress of modern society are taking their toll. Granted, there's a virus in town, but that's not the only problem.

It's too easy to forget about looking after yourself, to not take any time to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the World.    

But you must.  Mental health issues are a virtual epidemic.  We live different lives now due to social media, information overload and relentless financial pressures.

This is why you must remember what life is all about.  Zorba Life is an appreciation of the World, and seeing life as an adventure.


I've always had a love of the Ocean, I grew up sailing and exploring the coastline whenever I could.

My grandparents lived near the Sea and loved showing me new places.

I dreamt of sailing away, having adventures and exploring the coast.

But as I grew up it didn't seem possible to carry on spending time in this way.

Education, money worries, work stress and city smog.

Somehow my dreams faded, seemed gone forever

Until I left the city and the stress behind and decided to try...

To help us all discover our inner Zorba.


Zorba is an adventurer.  A hero, a force of nature.

Zorba sails the world, travelling, exploring, living.

Zorba is life.


Zorba Life is about appreciating the beauty of the World, and living a life of fun and adventure.

Our mission is to create beautiful, inspiring products that are NOT disposable, NOT damaging to the environment and NOT boring!


Whatever your dreams, never give up on them


Zorba Life Our Story 

20% of our profits go to environmental, wildlife and ocean clean up charities (see charity page for more)
We sincerely hope that you enjoy our products and they help to brighten up your day.  
All our products are washable, re-usable and environmentally friendly (not disposable tissues or masks!)