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Zorba Life

Our products are fun, capture the spirit of adventure and freedom that sailing gives us and are inspired by 'Zorba the Greek' (the character and book of the same name).

Isn't Life too short to be boring or ordinary?

Isn't life about cherishing the little things. Seeing beauty and depth all around us? Being excited for the moment and a harbouring a love of nature?

If you're going to carry a handkerchief, shouldn't it be beautiful and inspiring?

Our mission is to create beautiful, inspiring products that are NOT disposable, NOT damaging to the environment and NOT boring!

The Importance of Happiness

Studies have shown that a simple daily reminder (such as a billboard saying have a nice day') can have a dramatic affect on your outlook.  Our handkerchiefs are designed to remind you regularly to enjoy and embrace life. 

Sailing is for us, the ultimate dream - floating across the ocean, looking to the horizon, at the mercy of the elements.  Is there anything else so beautiful, so bold, so real?

It's so easy these days to be trapped in the past or worried about the future. To let finances, work, the news or social media get the better of you.  Don't let this happen!  Book that trip, start that business, or just... go sailing!

We started Zorba Life to epitomise this mindset, and that of Zorba the Greek and stoicism.  These are all similar teachings and share 1 goal. To enjoy life and strive in the challenging modern world.

5 Things Zorba the Greek teaches us about life:

Zorba the Greek is a book (and film) set in Greece, written by Nikos Kazantzakis and published in 1946.
It is a story of friendship and adventure; it is also a guide to how to live a full and satisfying life.
Through the pages, Alexis Zorba befriends Nikos and teaches him many things
His lessons are timeless. Below are some of the highlights.

1 Live in the moment & embrace it
Whether good or bad, life is an adventure best experienced by doing it and living in the present.
Watch Roger Federer play tennis, Sir Ben Ainslee sail a yacht or Lionel Messi play football - these are the masters, the magic makers!
Why? Because they are fully immersed in what they are doing, and loving every second.
If you don't feel like you are present in your own life, it's time to re-evaluate and spend more time doing things you love, or find love for the things that you do.
Life is an adventure! Not a spectator sport.

2 Cherish nature and every natural thing
Studies have shown that patients who have a tree outside their window recover faster than patients who have not.
Just looking at 1 tree makes a noticeable difference! As crazy as this sounds, it is true
So what is the effect on your mental health of walking or running through a forest or sailing along a coastline.
More importantly - how will your mental health be if you don't view nature regularly!
Modern life can be claustraphobic and suffocating. The solution is regular immersion in nature

3 Never worry what others think of you; Do what is right, true and necessary
This is a hard one but it's important. Why waste your time worrying what others think of you?
You must act despite these concerns - find your purpose and work your plan, without getting distracted by others.
The greatest entrepreneurs and leaders of our day are the ones who work every day through their own conviction to achieve their plan.
Social media is not always helpful! You must focus on your priorities; courage will follow.

4 Revel in the beauty of the world.
How simple a thing is happiness: is a glass of wine, the sound of the sea. Nothing else
This has to be one of my favourite quotes of all time - from Zorba the Greek. I don't think I can add anything!
Nature replenishes the soul.

5 Give your utmost, work your hardest & welcome hardship
Life is not laziness, lacadasical living is not the goal!
Work hard, work well and you will live well.  Focus more on the work and less on the outcome.
Hardship will come; confidence comes from keeping going despite whatever comes your way.
As Zorba says: “This is true happiness: to have no ambition and to work like a horse as if you had every ambition"

Bonus one!
“You have everything but one thing: madness. A man needs a little madness or else - he never dares cut the rope and be free.”
When things go wrong, Zorba teaches us to enjoy life even under the most trying circumstances.


Zorba Life Our Story 
20% of our profits go to environmental, wildlife and ocean clean up charities
We sincerely hope that you enjoy our products and they help to brighten up your day.  
All our products are washable, re-usable and environmentally friendly (not disposable tissues or masks!)
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